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Honoring the Legacy of Chef Miki 🍣


Indoor seating only 

Reservations recommended

2-go ordering available through link below



Please note: our CURRENT MENU is available through the link below, items listed on this webpage are not updated - prices and availability will vary. Please use the “Our Menu” icon to browse our menu and to place 2-go orders.

We DO NOT accept takeout orders made through Grubhub, Uber Eats, Postmates, etc. To-go orders must be placed online through the link below.



We DO NOT accept reservations over the phone, please book through the link below. We have 3 reservations available per night at 5pm ONLY. The rest of the night is walk-in.

2-go orders are often only available 4:30-6pm. We are a small restaurant and must prioritize our in-house diners. If our website does not allow you to place a to-go order, we are unable to accommodate to-go at that time. If we do not answer our phone, we are busy serving customers. 

Thank you for your continued support and understanding!


Now Hiring

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242 North Coast Hwy 

Laguna Beach CA 92651

 (949) 494-2444


SUN - THUR • 4:30PM - 8:00PM

FRI + SAT • 4:30PM - 8:30PM


SUN - THUR • 4:30 - 9:00PM

FRI + SAT • 4:30 - 9:30PM

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Serving Laguna Beach Since 2000

Female Owner + Chef Miki Izumisawa

Hello! My name is Miki, I am the owner and head chef of 242 Cafe Fusion Sushi in Laguna Beach. 


Nature soothes, relaxes, eases and heals our souls; my sushi art is an extension of the beauty and splendor found in the natural world. My restaurART interior is designed based on environmental themes, with a hint of Japanese influence. 242 Cafe Fusion Sushi’s interior is the studio space for my artistic self-expression. The interior was designed and built by me, you’ll find pieces of my work throughout - from the floors to the mirrors. The dishes served at 242 are far more than food, they are pieces of art with stories. Like the Laguna Canyon Roll - inspired by the landscape and flora found in Laguna Canyon’s folded hills and rocky enclaves.   


I have worked as a chef since 1986, and as a Sushi chef since 1990. My experiences in the restaurant world pushed me to create a unique yet nurturing environment for both my staff and patrons - we are a woman owned and operated establishment. You’ll feel at home in our space, while you take in one of the best views, and (often stated) the best sushi, in town. 

242 Cafe Fusion Sushi has been praised and acknowledged by LA Times, Cosmopolitan, Rachel Ray, The Food Network, and more. Come see what everyone is raving about - art that tastes as good as it looks!


My goal is to evoke happiness and spark inspiration  within visitors, by sharing my creative flow through unique and adventurous dishes. 

I'll see you guys there! Thank you for the love and support.

- Miki ❤️

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Good Vibes


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Laguna Beach chef has a fresh take on sushi

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